How football is turning to videogames to stay relevant

[ad_1] As World Cup fever can attest, football is in its prime at the moment. The matches have never been better (arguably), the players more famous or indeed expensive. But the beautiful game is facing an ugly problem: younger fans are being swayed elsewhere because of rising ticket prices and the changing face of where […]

Steam Summer Sale 2018: all the best games and deals

[ad_1] Ready your wallets, gamers: some big ol' discounts are coming to Steam this week. The game distribution platform has announced it's kicking off its Steam Summer Sale on June 21, with an abundance of price slashes coming to its expansive library of titles. While Steam always has an ongoing roster of weeklong and weekly […]

The best Xbox One games 2018: 25 must-play titles

[ad_1] Even though the Xbox One is approaching its fifth birthday (which makes it positively geriatric in console years) we think it's just reaching its peak. With a strong library of games and services to offer and lots more exciting new games in the pipeline, we think the Xbox One family of consoles has a […]