Abbey Games unveils sequel to god simulation game ‘Reus’

Abbey Games has officially revealed that a sequel to its indie god sim Reus is “on the way,” almost a full decade after the original came out for Windows PCs. The original game received mostly favorable reviews after it shipped, and the developer sold over one million copies worldwide. Abbey Games founders Maarten Wiedenhof, Manuel Kerssemakers and Adriaan Jansen said: “The original Reus is a decade old, and much has changed in the gaming world. We’re excited to bring Reus 2 to this new era, and show what it can bring to all those who want to create their own perfect world!” 

In Reus 2, players will have the ability to create multiple planets as their elemental giant god characters. They can shape those planets however they want to see how the people that live there would react to the unique landscapes that surround them and the challenges they encounter. And by “challenges they encounter,” we mean whatever the player decides to put them through. Hey, it’s a god sim — players can choose to make it easy for the people living on one planet and then put another planet’s population through the wringer. They can even stage an apocalypse and start anew. Aren’t you glad we’re not living in a simulation? (…Or are we?)

The developer says Reus 2 is still currently in development. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but those interested can now add it to their Steam wishlist

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