Disney+ and Hulu will remove a slew of titles on May 26th

Disney+ and Hulu are starting to purge a number of shows from their respective streaming services. This seems to be an industry-wide trend that reinforces the idea that you don’t own anything with subscriptions.

As reported by Deadline, a slew of titles on Disney+, including Big Shot, Clouds, Diary of a Future President, and Benedict Society are leaving on May 26th. On the Hulu side, shows such as Dollface, Maggie and Little Demon will vanish on that same date.

In August of last year, HBO Max (now just Max) announced that it would be stripping 36 shows from its platform, including The-Not-Too-Late-Show with Elmo and My Dinner with Hervé. The company continued its rampage in December 2022 by announcing larger shows such as Westworld were going to be pulled from the platform. And even before then, Netflix was notoriously known for pulling and adding shows and movies at the drop of a hat.

While the list mostly consists of direct-to-streaming movies and shows that didn’t get more than a few seasons, it’s still disappointing to see content being dropped. Movies and TV shows aren’t the only affected medium, as streaming music services have long had the issue of certain tracks becoming unavailable or an entire album being pulled entirely from the catalog. It’s the price you pay when going the subscription route. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, but the buffet owner can take anything away at a moment’s notice.

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