Nintendo says it’ll be easy to transfer over to its next console

Nintendo has a bad reputation for its online infrastructure, often being ridiculed for lagging behind in adopting the latest technologies or features (such as requiring a smartphone for voice chat). This includes transitioning user data between your old console and a new one. Fortunately, it sounds like Nintendo is at least looking into making that easier before the launch of its next console.

In a shareholder meeting late last week, when asked if your Nintendo Switch purchases would carry over to future game consoles, President and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa says (via Google Translate), “In the transition from Nintendo Switch to the next-generation console, we would like to make every effort to ensure that customers can make the transition smoothly while using their Nintendo account.” This seems to imply that Nintendo is at least looking into possibly allowing current Nintendo Switch titles purchased through the eShop to be carried over to whatever comes next. Of course, Nintendo doesn’t make comments about future hardware that hasn’t been announced yet, so take this with a grain of salt.

As a reminder, previous-generation Nintendo Wii U games did not carry over to the Switch. This is in stark contrast to Sony and Microsoft, where most last-generation console games work on new consoles. And unlike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo likes to spice up its controller design with virtually every new console. So sometimes it’s impossible to make a game work on both the new and old console generation.

At the very least, Nintendo is considering making improvements for its future console. It’s always been a major disappointment, especially for digital game buyers, that previously-owned titles did not carry over to the new console. It’s especially infuriating when the PlayStation 5 can play most PlayStation 4 titles, and Xbox Series S and X can play most Xbox One titles and in some cases Xbox 360 titles. And in Microsoft’s case, the company lets you carry over certain physical titles as well. So, Nintendo has a few options on the table for carrying over existing games. Regardless of what Nintendo’s next console is like, hopefully it’ll work with all the Switch games people have amassed over the years.

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