The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class puts TikTok on the road

The humble sedan isn’t seeing much love these days. Most are being put out of production, clearing factory manufacturing lines to make room for ever-more SUVs. But, for Mercedes-Benz, luxury sedans are life, and the E-Class is one of their longest-running.

For the 2024 E-Class, Mercedes-Benz hasn’t radically reinvented this stoic sedan, giving it a refreshed look and some new, more efficient engines with hybrid power. But more interestingly, the new E is loaded with interesting tech tricks and toys that, for now at least, are only found on Mercedes’ mid-tier option.

The E-Class is Mercedes’ first car with a selfie camera and the first car in the world that offers TikTok, WebEx, and Zoom right there in the dashboard. All that, paired with some advanced driver assistance on the highway plus all the luxuries you’ve come to expect from a Mercedes, creates a sedan that’s perhaps a bit too steady for some, but will be right on the money for many. Watch the video below for the full story.

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