Devolver Digital will proudly delay a bunch of games in its next showcase

Devolver Digital has cultivated a name for itself over the years as a publisher with an offbeat approach to marketing games. To that end, it has announced a Devolver Delayed event, which it calls the “first-ever showcase celebrating games that are courageously moving into 2024.” It seems Devolver will try to have things both ways by pushing back some release dates and, at the same time, poking fun at the never-ending spate of game delays. You’ll be able to watch the stream below at 11AM ET on August 7th.

The publisher has a bunch of intriguing games currently slated for the rest of the year. I’m really looking forward to Skate Story, which has already blown many people away with its ultra-stylish visuals, so I hope that one isn’t pushed back until 2024. The same goes for The Plucky Squire, an utterly adorable-looking adventure game that sees you switching between 2D and 3D environments.

Other titles on Devolver’s books for 2023 include “gritty noir-punk action-adventure” Gunbrella. The publisher confirmed that game hasn’t been delayed, but will feature in the showcase. The fate of the likes of Wizard with a Gun, The Talos Principle 2 and Pepper Grinder remains to be seen. However, Baby Steps (which looks like a 3D version of QWOP with a man-baby for a lead character) is already scheduled for a 2024 debut.

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