Got a Newborn? How Amazon Alexa Can Make Life Easier


Put your Amazon-built robot voice assistant to work helping you raise a baby.

That whole “it takes a village” thing isn’t just a trite platitude. New parents need all the assistance they can get. The basics of keeping a baby alive—food, clothing, shelter, burping—are only the beginning of raising a functional human being.

When grandma and grandpa aren’t available, though, perhaps the most useful help comes from the digital assistant you’ve got sitting on the counter top. That could be Google Home or Amazon Echo; in my house, I have one baby and five methods of speaking to Alexa. I’d suggest a minimum of two smart speakers—one for each floor (or either end of a long home), at least. Certainly have one with a decent speaker in the room the baby sleeps in, whether that’s a nursery or with the parents.

Why is having an Echo around so important? For hands-free info, quick access to music that calms a screaming child, and maybe even a little non-infant interaction. A parent’s brain is mush after only speaking to a newborn for hours on end, making even an audio-only robot a worthwhile companion. Especially one that helps you shop and remember all the things you have to do.

For the purposes of this story, I assume you have an Amazon Prime account, as it gives you access to almost all the features of an Echo.


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