Xiaomi phones now officially available in Australia via Amazon

Traditionally, Xiaomi's phones have only been available to Australians through grey import sites. Starting today, that's no longer the case, with the launch of an official Xiaomi Australia store on Amazon's local site.  Admittedly, many of the Chinese company's newest handsets aren't among the listed items (you can purchase the Redmi Note 5 for instance, […]

HTC's standalone VR headset costs more than you'd expect

Move over Oculus Quest, HTC has announced the price, release date and specs for its standalone Vive Focus Plus headset and, like Obi-Wan in The Revenge of the Sith, it’s taking the high ground.  To that end, expect to see the more business-centric VR headset on sale starting on April 15 for $799/ £639  (around […]

Google+ public posts will be saved forever thanks to the Internet Archive

Following the decline in popularity of its failed social media platform, and a spate of security breaches, Google announced it would be deleting all data from Google+ beginning in April, but there are those out there that intend to preserve its somewhat underwhelming legacy. It’s the Internet Archive’s goal to conserve large swathes of the […]