Google brings a whole new range of Chromebooks Down Under


The phenomenon of the affordable Chromebook that offers a simpler, more immediate experience than a laptop has been making waves overseas for quite some time now. In comparison, availability of the ChromeOS-powered devices has been rather limited in Australia.

However, Google has announced that, from now on, Aussies “can enjoy a wider and more enhanced range of Chromebooks from more retailers” and has officially launched a page dedicated to the range available in Australia.

What is a Chromebook?

Firstly, for those that aren’t in the loop, a Chromebook is a relatively small and affordable laptop that’s powered by Google’s own ChromeOS, which is a lightweight operating system designed for simplicity and everyday use.

While they can be a tad underpowered when compared to Windows or Mac systems, their low price point, extended battery life, and portability can be quite enticing for certain users. It helps to think of them as generally sitting somewhere between a tablet and a laptop.

For more detailed descriptions, along with advantages and disadvantages, check out our ‘what is a Google Chromebook’ page.


Google’s page lists a total of 11 Chromebooks from the likes of HP, Lenovo, Acer and Asus, four of which are new to Australia. They range in price from $349 to $1,199 and are available variably from Amazon, Officeworks, and JB Hi-Fi.

Below, we've listed a small selection of the Chromebooks on offer.


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