How to get started with event-driven microservices

Many organizations reach a stage in their growth where the monolithic applications that once served them well start to hold them back. Perhaps the business needs new functionality that the existing architecture can’t support, or more flexible ways to store and access data for their apps. Team growth, conflicting performance requirements, and new competitive technologies can also pose a challenge to a singular, monolithic codebase. Adopting an event-driven microservices architecture can help you address these challenges.

Microservices overcome the limitations of monolithic apps by dividing those apps into small, purpose-built services, which can be custom tailored to the business problem they’re meant to solve. They provide you with the freedom to choose your own programming languages, frameworks, and databases as you see fit. Microservices can remodel, manage, and store data according to their own needs, providing you with complete control over how best to solve your business problems. 

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