Microsoft .NET Community Toolkit 8.2 shines on MVVM

Microsoft has launched .NET Community Toolkit 8.2, again with improvements for MVVM (model-view-viewmodel) development. The preceding 8.1 release, published in January, also focused on MVVM capabilities.

The .NET Community Toolkit features a collection of APIs and helpers for .NET developers, agnostic of any UI platform. Source code for version 8.2, announced April 27, can be accessed from GitHub.

With the new release of .NET Community Toolkit, the included MVVM Toolkit now supports custom attributes when using [RelayCommand]. Developers can leverage the native field: and property: C# syntax to indicate targets of custom attributes, giving them full control over attributes for generated members when using [RelayCommand] to generate an MVVM command. Microsoft said support for custom attributes was particularly useful when using a viewmodel that needs to support JSON serialization and must explicitly ignore the generated property.

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