GCC 13 compiler collection backs C++ 23, Go 1.18

GNU Compiler Collection 13.1 has been released. Among the many improvements in this major new version of GCC are implementations of C++ 23 features and backing for Go 1.18 user packages. However, Go generics are not yet supported.

Published April 26, the GCC 13 source release can be downloaded from gcc.gnu.org. GCC release series notes can be found there as well.

GCC 13 implements a number of C++ 23 features including labels at the end of compound statements, support for #warning, and delimited escape sequences. GCC 13 also introduces excess precision support for C++, which has been available in C since GCC 4.5. Experimental support for C++ 20 in the C++ standard library has been improved, with backing for features such as <format> header and std::format.

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