Configure finops processes with the right metrics

The rise of finops programs and tools is scaring me a little. I believe that many enterprises are misapplying them, and in many instances, finops technology is working against returning value to the business. Some people driving finops don’t even understand that they are being counterproductive.

If left unchecked, many of these misguided finops programs could end up doing real damage. To be sure, many enterprises do find the cloud cost savings they are seeking these days. However, their finops programs are also having a negative effect on the business. How does this happen?

Here is the core reality around how cloud computing drives business value. Saving cloud costs, such as reducing the number of resources and optimizing each resource, has a net savings on operational costs, but there also needs to be a focus on something that many don’t consider: The effect of value returned to business, which is not necessarily in sync with saving operational dollars.

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