Biggest Golang challenges are error handling and learning, Go developers say

The lack of generics used to be the biggest challenge to using Go, according to the annual Go Developer Survey. Now that Go has generics, the biggest challenges Go developers report are error handling and learning best practices, according to the most recent edition of the survey.

The January 2023 edition of the Go Developer Survey asked 5,844 Go developers to share how they are using Go, their biggest challenges using Go, and their top priorities for future improvements of the language. The results were published May 11.

Error handling, particularly the readability and verbosity of errors in Go, and the difficulty of learning best practices for Go programming were the most commonly reported challenges. Historically, the lack of generics registered as the biggest challenge among the Go developers surveyed. But generics, which simplify coding by allowing developers to write functions that are independent of the types used, officially arrived with Go 1.18 in March 2022. Since this introduction, comments about generics have declined.

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