Wasmer melds WebAssembly, Posix with WASIX spec

Wasmer, builder of technology leveraging the WebAssembly (Wasm) binary instruction format, is unveiling WASIX, a specification and toolchain extending WASI (WebAssembly System Interface) to build applications with full Posix (Portable Operating System Interface) compatibility. The intent is to streamline compilation to Wasm.

Announced May 30 as a superset of WASI, WASIX can be used for both building apps and completing runtimes, supporting threads, Berkeley sockets, forking, and other capabilities available for almost all of the life of Posix. In developing WASIX, the Wasmer team and community have worked to enhance the existing WASI ABI, stabilizing it and making it more compatible with Posix, Wasmer said. Proponents believe WASIX will make it easier to compile any apps to Wasm, which has been positioned to bring high performance to web applications and allow other languages besides JavaScript to be used in the browser. The WASIX specification can be found at wasix.org. Developers can try it out WASIX at wasmer.sh.

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