Java 21 to drop generational Shenandoah GC

Java Development Kit (JDK) 21 is in an initial rampdown phase as of June 8. With the feature set now frozen, one feature is set to be dropped: generational Shenandoah, an experimental capability to enhance the Shenandoah garbage collector (GC).

The JDK Enhancement Proposal (JEP) page for JDK 21, which is due as a production release September 19, now proposes cutting back the official feature set from 16 features down to 15, with generational Shenandoah getting the ax. Removal centers on a lack of readiness. The author of the JEP for generational Shenandoah, Roman Kennke of Amazon, has decided to remove it from JDK, or simply, Java 21, with the intent to evaluate it for a future JDK release when ready, according to Oracle, which oversees development of standard Java.

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