Malicious hackers are weaponizing generative AI

Although I’m swearing off studies as blog fodder, it did come to my attention that Vulcan Cyber’s Voyager18 research team recently issued an advisory validating that generative AI, such as ChatGPT, would be turned into a weapon quickly, ready to attack cloud-based systems near you. Most cloud computing insiders have been waiting for this. 

New ways to attack

A new breaching technique using the OpenAI language model ChatGPT has emerged; attackers are spreading malicious packages in developers’ environments. Experts are seeing ChatGPT generate URLs, references, code libraries, and functions that do not exist. According to the report, these “hallucinations” may result from old training data. Through the code-generation capabilities of ChatGPT, attackers can exploit fabricated code libraries (packages) that are maliciously distributed, also bypassing conventional methods such as typosquatting.

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