What’s new in Rust 1.71

The unique approach of the Rust programming language results in better code with fewer compromises than C, C++, Go, and the other languages you probably use. It also gets updated regularly, often every month.

Where to download the latest Rust version

If you already have a previous version of Rust installed via rustup, you can access the latest version via the following command:

$ rustup update stable

The new features in Rust 1.71.0

Rust 1.71.0 was introduced on July 13. With this version, Rust on Windows platforms supports using functions from dynamic libraries without requiring those libraries to be available at build time, using a new kind="raw-dylib”" option for #[link]. This saves users from having to install those libraries, which is particularly an issue for cross-compilation, and avoids having to ship stub versions of libraries in crates to link against. Rust 1.71.0 also supports binding symbols provided by DLLs by ordinal rather than named symbol, via a new #link_ordinal attribute.

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