AWS’ Entity Resolution service to help enterprises improve data quality

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released a new service, AWS Entity Resolution, to help enterprises improve data quality for analytics and AI tasks.

The new service uses machine learning to help business users in an enterprise match data from multiple data lakes or AWS storage, said Davor Golac, general manager for the service at AWS. It can be accessed via a no-code interface in the AWS Management Console.

The service is aimed at cutting down enterprise expenditure on solving challenges around data quality, Golac said. For the US alone, enterprises spend around $3.1 trillion annually to improve data quality, he said.

In contrast to the practice of developing, integrating and managing complex data pipelines for data reconciliation, the new service’s no-code interface can be used to either adopt pre-configured workflows or create custom rule-based workflows for any kind of record-matching and accuracy needed with the help of machine learning, the company said.

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